Saulsbury’s Maintenance group, comprised of experienced, industry-leading experts within all service categories, provides maintenance and capital project services for the power, carbon black, solar, wind, oil, gas, chemical, and mining industries. With open and closed-shop capabilities, Saulsbury provides outage and capital project support and long-term fleetwide maintenance services.

  • Boiler mechanical/piping systems
  • Waterwall, slope, and element replacement
  • Reheat and superheat header replacement
  • Pipe, structural steel, and ductwork fabrication & preassembly
  • Electrical and instrumentation engineering and installation
  • Substations and transformers
  • Instrumentation & Controls installation or upgrade
  • Steam and gas turbine overhauls and installation
  • Staff augmentation
  • Low-NOX installation
  • SCR and precipitator rebuild and construction
  • Scrubber system modification and installation
  • Baghouse repair, replacement, and installation
  • Air heater overhaul and replacement
  • ID & FD fan refurbishment or installation
  • Wind Turbine and Solar Panel Systems
  • Control valve maintenance
  • Miscellaneous valve maintenance
  • Steam valve maintenance
  • Conveyor maintenance
  • Balance of plant maintenance and outage work

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